Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wrap my mirrors?

In custom wrap applications we do what is necessary to make the wrap look perfect. Because mirrors have tight compound curves, seaming is required. In non-custom wrap applications the mirrors are not typically wrapped or quoted.

Is a wrap better than paint?

Vehicle wraps are hi-performance vinyl coverings that are applied directly to your vehicle. They can often be mistaken for custom paint jobs. Wraps cannot be applied to cracked or chipping clear coat.

How effective are wraps?

A wrapped vehicle can generate between 20,000 and 50,000 impressions daily depending on your location. Drive it to and from work and park it in high visibility areas to maximize your advertising dollars. Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.

Does it matter what color my vehicle is?

No, vehicle wraps are not translucent; you will not be able to see through them. If you are doing a partial wrap our designers can work with you to make sure the vehicle color works with the design. However, wrapping black vehicles are the best when doing a custom color change.

Will the wrap damage my paint?

No. A vehicle wrap, when applied and removed correctly by a professional installer, does not damage your car’s paint. The materials we use are formulated with removable adhesive that will not harm your car’s paint. In fact, many people find that wrapping their vehicle can assist in keeping a higher resale value on the vehicle due to the protective benefits of the wrap. In some rare cases when wraps are left on a vehicle for longer than recommended by the manufacturer, some paint issues may occur.

Can you wrap over ceramic coating?

No. A vehicle wrap will not stick to ceramic coating and will greatly reduce its adhesion to the surface.

Can you wrap fiberglass, plastic or chrome?

A painted plastic bumper can be wrapped without any problems. In the case of unpainted or oxidized fiber-glass, un-painted plastic, rubber or chrome bumpers, application of vinyl on these areas are not recommended or guaranteed to adhere for the duration of the life of the wrap.

What makes a good wrap better?

Aside from the technical hurdles of creating an effective vehicle wrap – the most crucial part of a vehicle wrap is the design.

Whats the first step in getting a wrap?

Call our office to schedule your vehicle wrap consultation. We require a 50% deposit prior to proceeding to production.

Do I have to wash my vehicle before install?

Yes. All vehicles must be washed thoroughly and free of wax, oil, ceramic and armor-all type products. Our installation team will examine the vehicles surface prior to installation to ensure it meets our standards. Any vehicle that isn’t to our standards will be addressed accordingly. This may subject the project to delays and additionals costs.

Will you wrap the roof?

Generally roofs are not wrapped (vans, trucks or SUVs), unless it is requested by the customer when wrapping a commercial vehicle.

Do you wrap boats?

Yes. Wrapping a boat is a great way to protect the paint or gel coat. Boat wraps however are not warrantied by the manufacture due to the unforeseen elements that may cause a wrap to fail when submerged.

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